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October 24, 2005


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What, you haven't seen "The Incredibles", "Tron" or "12 Monkeys"? ....you disappoint me Johnny. Sorry, wrong Mad Max. :-)


"The Incredibles" is on its way from NetFlix.
"Tron" -- I played the arcade game, is that close enough?
"12 monkeys" I'll put it in the queue.


I've always wanted to see OntheBeach.
But I really cant believe you never saw TRON or 12Monkeys.
GhostintheShell, Akira, Incredibles....not into animation anymore?
Interesting that StepfordWives was the only one not specifying if it was the original or the remake.


Heres an animated StarWars in gif format :


Well, I did see Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, but they'd be considered fantasy.
I do watch Tripping the Rift, and I'll probably get the first season of Ren and Stimpy.


Speaking of animation, a SpacemanSpiff movie wouldve been nice. ;)


Planet of the Apes was such a cool film. But hte remake was so uneventful. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Someone online recut the original to resemble a lost TwiliteZone ep. And a coupl weeks ao I ran inot a marathon of the very mediocre `70s tv show. I jsut love that 70s tv crap.
goodnite Jonboy.


Laddie, have ye never been to Boston?


See today's post for C&H.

70's Tv, let's see . . . PotA, Logan's Run, The Night Stalker, UFO and Space:1999.

All available on DVD probably!

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